Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Preface and Dedication



My name is Oliver B. Mitchell III. I was born and raised in the sunny and beautiful city of Los Angeles, California. I'm a former Marine who served during Desert Storm from the period of '91 to '02.  I began my career with the Department of Veterans Affairs in '04 to '05 and then from '08 to '11.  As a result of discrimination and whistleblowing I was forced to resign because my vision of healthcare was different from those superior to me.

The events as described might seem fictional, far fetched and even unimaginable to some, however, the following events are supported by fact's and evidence as evinced within my complaints.

Simply put, my story is about a Veteran who worked for an agency tasked with the care of Veterans who was discriminated against because I'm a Veteran.

This blog is dedicated to the many men and women who have fought bravely, served effortlessly and dedicated their lives to this great nation.

This blog is dedicated to the employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs who work tirelessly providing care, compassion and empathy to our nations Veterans.

This blog is dedicated to my many friends, family, loved ones and supporters who have supported me throughout this troubling ordeal.

To you all I say thank you and best wishes to all.